Antonio Nava Torres | I Feel Alive

Antonio Nava Torres

Antonio Nava Torres | I Feel Alive

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 14th, 2016
7:00 – 9:00pm

Artist Statement:

I believe you must be who you were born to be.  One can’t wait for something to happen, you must make it happen.  Life for me, is about being in the now. Most of my work comes from within.  My artwork is inspired by my memories, life events, my family and personal strengths and tragedies.  My art is also influenced by past experiences, culture, history, injustice, and the environment I grew up in. I have a variety of styles and subject matters, but one thing that stays consistent is my use of the color black in all of my artwork.  I feel black is bold, engaging and captivates its audience. My work conveys a feeling of freedom and self expression. I let the medium flow and do its’ thing.  I may even use one word to evoke an idea, thought or emotion. I allow my subconscious to go wherever it wants.

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